Corwin Shaw | President

The President presides over all Presidents Council, Delegate Council and IFC Executive Board meetings, acts as the official representative for all outside bodies, and is responsible for carrying out the decision of the Voting Council.

Email: fsu.ifc.pres@gmail.com

Bailey Jackson | Executive VP

The Executive Vice President serves as the Chief Justice of the Judicial Board, organizes and oversees the operations and membership of the Risk Management Board Chairman and Committee, and ensures compliance of all IFC policies and procedures.

Email: fsu.ifcevp@gmail.com



Barrington McFarlane | Administrative VP

The Administrative Vice President meets annually with philanthropy chairs from each fraternity, collects registration forms, and creates all council philanthropies.

Email: fsu.ifc.avp@gmail.com

Omar Urbina | Internal Vice President

The Internal Vice President presides over all Executive Board and President's Council meetings, as well as presides over all Fraternity League Intramural sports games scores & overall point system.

Email: fsu.ifc.internal@gmail.com


Anthony Capasso | VP of Finances

The Vice President of Finances presides over all billing and fining of fraternities, including dues and new member fees, as well as regulating the expenditures of the IFC in accordance with the budget.

Email: fsu.ifc.vpf@gmail.com


Kevin Rutois | VP of Public Relations

The Vice President of Public Relations provides a monthly newsletter regarding the Greek Community to all of Florida State University, works in conjunction with all fraternities to provide public relations for Greek philanthropic events, and maintains the Council's website and social media accounts. 

Email: fsu.ifcpr@gmail.com

Greg Mueller.jpg

Greg Mueller | VP of MembershiP

The Vice President of Membership presides over all formal and informal fraternity recruitment activities, provides resources on recruitment for all chapter members and presides over all summer orientation recruitment presentations.

Email: fsu.ifc.vpm@gmail.com

Austin Ragusa | VP of Scholarship

The Interfraternity Council Vice President of Scholarship meets with all scholarship chairmen per semester, coordinates and promotes IFC scholarship for new members of the Greek Community, and strives for the Men's Greek GPA to be above the FSU All Men's Average GPA.

Email: fsu.ifc.vps@gmail.com

Austin Composite.JPG