Where do I register for IFC rush?


What is the cost to register for IFC rush?

Rush registration is open until Thursday, September 5th at 11:59 p.m.

Early Bird Registration: June 4 – June 17 ($19 + $1 payment transaction fee)

Normal Registration: June 18 – August 2 ($28.50 + $1.50 payment transaction fee)

Late Registration: August 3 – September 5 ($38 + $2 payment transaction fee)



What are the minimum requirements to join an IFC chapter?

Must be a full-time (12+ credits) degree-seeking student at Florida State University

Must register and pay the registration fee (non-refundable) for IFC rush

Must complete the PNM online orientation module

Must attend mandatory PNM rush orientation 

Must complete the “Hazing Prevention 101” and “Fraternity & Sorority Life” hazing prevention module courses located at


I am a student enrolled at Tallahassee Community College (TCC). Can I participate in IFC rush?

You must be enrolled as a full-time (12+ credits), degree-seeking student at Florida State University to join any active IFC chapter. Individuals enrolled in the Seminole Pathways programs, including students enrolled at Tallahassee Community College (TCC), are not eligible for membership until they are full-time FSU students at the Tallahassee campus.

TCC students who register for IFC rush will NOT be refunded for the registration fee.


How does Rush work?

Rush is a two-part process.

Part 1 – Supported for success by OFSL & IFC

As a potential new member, PNMs will be supported for success through the mandatory PNM rush orientation, and the two nights of chapter preview. During this time, Rush Mentors will be there every step to answer questions to help PNMs be more confident and comfortable in the process.

Part 2 – Self-guided process

As a potential new member, one will go through a self-guided process during rush week. It will be on the PNM to seek a bid from any of the IFC chapters.

The rush process can be compared to driving a car. PNM orientation can be compared to learning about the different cars, and getting to know the staff willing to help you buy a car. Chapter preview can be compared to walking around the car lot and checking out, in person, what each vehicle has to offer. Rush week can be compared to the “go time”. During rush week you are in the buying mode. 


What is the mandatory PNM rush orientation?

The mandatory PNM rush orientation is on Sunday, September 8th from 12-3 and 4-7 p.m. at the Oglesby Union Ballrooms

PNMs will select which session they will attend upon registration. PNMs should take note of which session they select during registration and mark their calendar!

The mandatory PNM rush orientation is designed for potential new members to be introduced to their Rush Mentors, gain required information about the rush process, ask any questions one may have, and begin to establish relationships with chapters and their peers.


What is chapter Preview?

Chapter preview is a two-night process for potential new members to have 10-minute introductory conversations, at each IFC chapter facility, with brothers to learn about the organization and the brotherhood. PNMs will be placed into groups with other PNMs and travel in their group, guided by their Rush Mentors, from chapter facility to chapter facility.

Chapter Preview is on Tuesday, September 10th and Wednesday, September 11th from 5:30-10 p.m. (both nights) at chapter facilities, both on and off-campus.


What is Rush Week?

During rush week, potential new members will be on their own to visit each chapter facility that they wish, to seek out a bid for membership.

Rush week will be from Monday, September 16th to Thursday, September 19th from 7-10 p.m. each night at chapter facilities, both on and off-campus

*Please note that chapters may elect to close earlier than 10 p.m.*


What is a Rush Mentor?

A Rush Mentor is a mentor-like “big brother” figure for potential new members during the rush process. Rush Mentors will be there to help PNMs be more COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT at rush.


I received a bid to join an IFC chapter. What do I do now?

When receiving a bid, you have 3 options:

  1. Accept the bid. You are now a new member of that fraternity. The rush process for the semester is now over.

  2. “Sit” on the bid. When you are offered a bid, you may have time to think about it before accepting it. You must accept/decline the bid before the rush process is over for the semester.

  3. Decline the bid. You decline the invitation for membership to that chapter. You do not want to join their chapter at that point in time.


What do I do if I receive more than one bid?

PNMs cannot accept more than one bid. If a PNM accepts their bid/signs their name on more than one fraternity bid acceptance card, the PNM will not be allowed to participate in any rush process until the following semester.


Can I move in to my residence hall early?

Residence Halls open on Thursday, August 22nd at 8 a.m. Early move-in is not necessary to participate in IFC rush.


How much will it cost me to join a fraternity?

IFC member dues average $850-$1,250 per semester. The first semester is typically the most expensive, as new members will have to pay one-time new member fees.


If I live in a chapter facility, can I elect to have a meal plan?

No IFC chapter offers a meal plan within the chapter facility, for its members.

For information about campus meal plan options, please visit:


What should I wear during the Rush process?

It is recommended that each potential new member wears what they feel most natural in, while trying to make a good first impression on the chapters and brothers they interact with. With that being said, a recommended suggestion is that potential new members do not wear a suit, or a sport coat, during rush week to not be confused with brothers of the chapter who may be wearing this attire.


Where do I find information on each chapter?

For a holistic view of each chapter and to make an informed decision, PNMs can view chapter scorecards:

For a view of each chapter’s scholastic achievement and standing, PNMs can view chapter scholarship reports:

PNMs can also visit the IFC website to find social media accounts and learn more information about each chapter:


How do I know if a chapter is a “good” fraternity? What is a good fit for me?

With a diverse array of fraternities that are active and recognized at FSU, each with its own unique qualities, there is a fit for each individual looking to join an IFC fraternity.

For more information for each chapter and to make an informed decision, it is recommended that PNMs visit the OFSL organizational scorecards and scholarship report. In addition, it is recommended that PNMs visit each chapter’s inter/national headquarters website and social media to conduct their own research on what is best for them.


What IFC chapters are active and recognized by the FSU Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life?

There are 17 active IFC chapters. All 17 IFC chapters will be participating in IFC Rush.

The following organizations currently are NOT recognized and in good standing with FSU and the respective inter/national organization. These organizations should NOT be recruiting students: 

Alpha Epsilon Pi, Chi Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Kappa Phi, Tau Epsilon Phi. 

For more information around the recognition status and conduct history for the unrecognized groups, PNMs can view chapter scorecards:


What’s the quickest way to get a bid?

In looking to receive a bid, the process may be different for each PNM. Some may need more time to find a fit and receive a bid, than others. 

It is recommended to attend the mandatory PNM rush orientation, both nights of Chapter Preview, and all nights of Rush week (if needed). These events are there for your success, take advantage!

After attending both nights of Chapter Preview, rank and prioritize which chapters you would like to visit on the first night of Rush week. A range of 2-5 chapters is a good start!

Utilize and reach out to your Rush Mentor to guide you along the process.

Develop relationships with brothers of the chapter(s) you are most interested in. Take advantage of the time built outside of the structure of Chapter Preview and Rush week to get to know the brothers of the chapter.


Do fraternities have a quota? How many potential new members will each chapter give bids to?

There is no set number of potential new members, across the board, that each chapter is looking for. Depending on the fall or spring semester, and the goals for rush for each chapter, “target” numbers may fluctuate across the 17 chapters.


What is new member education process?

After receiving and accepting a bid, PNMs will then become new members or associate members of that chapter.

The new member education process is 0-6 weeks in length. All new members must be initiated by Sunday, November 3, 2019.

New member education programs are designed and approved by each chapter’s inter/national headquarters staff. During this time PNMs should build friendships with their whole new member class and chapter, develop a strong support system, learn history, values, and traditions of the organization, and find challenge and purpose that lasts beyond one semester.


Is pledging going to be hard? What about hazing?

Joining a fraternity and going through the new member education process is going to require a serious financial and time commitment by new members.

New members of the Greek community are expected to learn, value, and integrate the activities and rituals that are unique to their organizations into their lives. As a new member, one may feel both personal and social pressure to earn or prove your membership, which may result in participating in or agreeing to perform actions that would be considered hazing.

Hazing is inconsistent with the values inherent in fraternities and sororities, as well as Florida State University. Florida State University does not condone hazing among any student(s) or student organization. 

Hazing includes "any group or individual action or activity that inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participant(s)" (see Section 4, A of the Student Conduct Code for the full definition).

Students are not to be harmed, demeaned, or exposed to harm when pursuing involvement in campus life. allows new members, parents, family members, or other parties to share important information regarding incidents or concerning behavior happening in the Florida State University community.  


Who Can I contact with questions related to IFC rush?

Individuals who have questions about anything related to IFC that is not currently on this FAQ page can email us directly at or can call the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at 850-644-9574.


Do i have to register for rush on the ifc website in order to be eligible to receive a bid from an ifc chapter?

Students must register before the rush registration deadline (Thursday, September 5 at 11:59 p.m.) to be eligible to receive a bid to any IFC fraternity. You can sign up by going to the Rush section on the top right corner of this website.