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The “Brother of the Month” is Nate Wheeler of Sigma Phi Epsilon! Nate was the previous SigEp President, is currently on the board for the Remove the Mask campaign, and won the Ruck Leadership award. This award is given to the best leader in SigEp on a national scale. 

The Ruck Leadership Institute was launched in 1999, with a curriculum based on the world-renowned book, The Leadership Challenge. The Frank J. Ruck Leadership Institute equips students to lead culture change that extends beyond their chapter and campus and into their community. The institute took place in Virginia, where every leader in SigEp met one another and interacted for 5 days. These interactions included Leadership workshops, meetings, workouts, and obstacle courses. Every activity had a meaning, and helped each brother bond with one another. “It definitely changed my mindset on fraternal life and being a leader” Nate said after returning from the trip. 

The Remove the Mask campaign is an organization started by former SigEp President Brent Terry. This campaign is supported by the Mental Health Council with the goal of removing the negative stigma surrounding mental health at the Florida State University. Nate has helped tremendously with this campaign by presenting and organizing presentations to students, different councils/ organizations, and IFC presidents. He is currently serving on the board as the director of Programming and is looking to get more students involved in this campaign. 

As previously stated, Nate served on SigEp’s Executive Board as President last year. I asked him what his favorite part about being president was, and he responded saying “my favorite part of being president was seeing the entire IFC community coming together for one common goal.” Being president definitely takes a lot of time and effort, but being able to help bring IFC together as one makes it worth the time and commitment. 

We thank Nate for his continued involvement and leadership. Be sure to follow @StigmaFreeFSU to learn more about the “Remove the Mask” campaign!