IFC Executive Board takes on Greek Leadership Summit

  During the first weekend of the spring 2019 semester was the Greek Leadership Summit in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Attending was every Greek Council at Florida State including IFC, MGC, Panhellenic, & NPHC.

The main goal of this summit was to introduce, inform, and unite each council with one another. With this goal in mind, staff members from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and other departments on campus facilitated leadership activities in both large and small groups. The small groups were formed of one or two members of every council. This helped each person grow a close bond with one another and learn about how each council works, while also learning what their values are. The large group exercises and activities were intended to help build relationships with every chapter president and executive board member. This opened up many discussions with new ideas on what the future should hold.

Many of these interactive activities required team work and communication in order to reach the ending goal. Each activity that was given to our leaders had a reason behind it. Whether it was communication, leadership, team work, patience, or even riddle solving, there was always a way to implement these activities in a way that will help our leaders guide our organizations in the right direction for years to come.

From learning more leadership tactics, growing relationships, becoming a better communicator, or even just learning how to work better as a team, every single leader that participated in this retreat left better than when they first arrived.

We thank the facilitators from OFSL, CARE, SAC, University Housing, Career Center, and the Center for Leadership & Social Change for their hard work, leadership, service, and commitment to the students in our community!



Our Purpose
The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Florida State University is the governing body for 16 men’s fraternities on campus. The Interfraternity Council is dedicated to the academic and social development of its respective fraternities and their members. Members in IFC organizations are active in every aspect of campus. With a diverse array of fraternities, each with its own unique qualities, there is a perfect fit for each individual looking to join a fraternity in the council.

Mission Statement
In order to promote and perpetuate the best interest of The Florida State University and the Greek letter social fraternities therein, to encourage the most complete intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development of the members of the fraternities, to ensure that the fraternities chartered at The Florida State University establish high standards and lofty pursuits, and to foster cooperation among said fraternities, and the University community, we do ordain and establish this constitution of the Interfraternity Council of The Florida State University. The Interfraternity Council of The Florida State University does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Florida State University's Greek Life 5 Year Vision
In 5 years the Fraternity and Sorority Community is unified, progressive, diverse and has mutual respect for one another. They will grow together to be fearless and have accomplished great strides of academic achievement and member development while establishing community initiatives and taking the reins of influence on Florida State University's campus. The Fraternity and Sorority Community will consistently live out their rituals and will respect and acknowledge the historical aspects and impact on their purpose. We will accomplish this by meeting monthly to assess the progress of our community in order to enhance it.


Spring Rush Registration is now open from December 17 - January 25 at 4 PM!